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Portable Pelt:


Portable Pelt grew out of the question  as to how human cladding might function on a tangible spiritual and aesthetic level. People might interact more effectively both  with their environment and with another being through the wearing of a living plant.

Increasingly, there is a tendency for human beings to be emotionally detached from one another and from their environment. Engaging physically with anything is far more complex than merely talking about it.  I believe that there is a potential for people to engage with the idea of growth as an experiential and participatory process through keen observation and sympathetic regard. This can be achieved through our relationship with nature and with one another. My aim is to stimulate engagement through symbiotic biomimicry by means of the wearing of a photosynthetic garment or accessory.

Photograph by Patrick Heneghan

So …Portable Pelt got invited to participate in the Ethical Fashion Show Paris… I spent the last few weeks gathering and constructing my pieces using wool felt as a substrate and digitally printed silk as a lining which can be detached from the moss.  When I finished sewing I packed all 6 pieces carefully into a very large suitcase and we took the train to Paris and back together.  it was great to see how careful the team in Paris were with them-they even sprayed them with water after their long journey in the dark!

Huge thanks to my dear girls who came and supported the moss collection on its first journey from home….

Photograph by Patrick Heneghan

Thanks  to Patrick H, Rebecca , Bianca, Rosaleen, Millie and special thanks to Seanan and  Anne Mullin for beginning that journey in the horseshoe glen.

Thanks to the dear friends that trekked from all over the world to meet in Paris…

Dinner with dear friend C the day before the show.

Dinner with dear friend C the day before the show.

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