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About Tara:


I am fashion and textile artist and designer who specialise in methods of exploring the narratives that lie embedded in the cloth that surrounds us.

In a post catwalk world, I investigate what the hidden stories within our clothing and textiles say to us and tease out the deeper meanings which lie behind them 

In my work, I return to the theme of garments as cladding and what that means to humans lived experience. External cladding is an interface between people and the environment which they inhabit. It is through our clothing that we forge personal systems of identity constructed with deliberation and care, holding potential for reflection and enabling ideas around emotional durability and inter-personal communication.

As an artist and designer, Tara’s work has brought her from the heart of fashion production in China, Bangladesh and India to work in New York, London and Ireland. Her work is featured in Fletcher and Ingun Klepp (eds.): ‘Opening up the Wardrobe: A methods book, ( Fletcher/Klepp  2017), The  Craft of Use: Post-Growth Fashion (Fletcher, 2016) and the textbook on Sustainable Fashion ‘A Practical Guide to Sustainable Fashion’ by Alison Gwilt (2014). Tara is also a named inventor on the patent  ‘A system and method for garment design online’ (WO/2009/118197)

Over the last 3 years, Tara has traveled to Bangladesh for the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) to support their Better Work in Textiles and Garments (BWTG) programme. The objective of this project is to enable knowledge transfer and sharing of specialist activities between LCF’s Centre for Sustainable Fashion and the Bangladesh University of Fashion and Textiles. The project develops capacity for creative thinking and entrepreneurial skills around the concepts of sustainability and innovation.



Links to work on the web:

Hacking the Body 2.0: Flutter/Stutter – University of Sussex

Current : Emily Carr- University of Art and Design
An Interview with Kate Fletcher
Interviewed by Louise St. Pierre
November 26, 2015

PHASER: Green is the New Black: How to Source Ethical Fashion

by Gemma O’Sullivan

Green is the New Black: How to Source Ethical Fashion

Centre For Sustainable Fashion: LCF: A Voice for Change

Thinking Wilderness:
Marking 50 years of Wilderness with creativity, art, reflection and debate

Tara Baoth Mooney: Artist and Designer


The Craft of Use

ECOUTERRE: Better Than Fur: Tara Baoth Mooney’s Living Moss Collar Will Grow on You by Abigail Doan

London College of Fashion: Showtime

Ethical Fashion Show Paris

SMARTlab: SafetyNET Daywear

Work featured in the following books:

A Practical Guide to Sustainable Fashion
By Alison Gwilt

Craft of Use: Post-Growth Fashion
By Kate Fletcher




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  1. September 28, 2017 1:22 am

    Hi Tara. Just a quick thank you for your work on BBH and that charming song. I came across it in my iTunes tonight and it took me back to the early aughts when my kids were tiny. Shadow’s Lullaby was my constant companion as I waited for them to fall asleep. What a beautiful gift and cherished you gave me.

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